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In Memory - Sierra Club Leader Ethan Hoag

Longtime environmental activist and Sierra Club leader Ethan Hoag passed away in Hingham MA on January 6, 2014. Ethan was active at as a Sierra Club volunteer at both the state and local level and served in various roles for Sierra Club for both the Greater Boston Group (GBG) and the Massachusetts Chapter over the past three decades. Ethan, is survived by three children, five grandchildren, and his wife Blossom, who remains active with the Sierra Club on clean energy and climate change issues.

Ethan served as Massachusetts Chapter Treasurer, as well as chaired the GBG Energy Committee and served as a member of the Chapter Energy Committee. Ethan was a frequent contributor to Sierra Club on technical policy documents and authored articles for the Massachusetts Sierran on topics most often related to energy policy and climate change.

"Ethan's extensive background as an inventor and pioneer in the electrical engineering fields brought a level of technical expert analysis that was always beneficial to our advocacy efforts, particularly on energy issues and climate disruption" noted former MA Chapter Director James McCaffrey. "Ethan's contributions will be deeply missed."

Ethan and Blossom Hoag have worked passionately as a team on clean energy issues for many years and embody the ethic of working and acting at both the local and global level. In 2006 Ethan and Blossom represented the Sierra Club as part of a delegation of activists attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) in Nairobi, Kenya, and in 2007 both were honored with a Boston Green Award for their personal sustainability practices and for Ethans efforts on the Sierra Club Energy Committee. Closer to home and more recently, Ethan and Blossom led efforts to bring wind power to their hometown of Hingham, MA.

In Ethan's own words on his role within the Club, he wrote "I have been concerned for many years about the pollution caused by the global use of energy and the role it plays in global warming for future generations. In my opinion it is by far the most critical issue we face today and in the future." The Sierra Club is grateful and fortunate to have had such a dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate volunteers like Ethan be part of the fabric of the Sierra Club for so many decades.

In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations be made to the Massachusetts Sierra Club or MIT Energy Initiatives Fund.

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